In the ring with construction heavy hitters

AMMANN create some of the construction industry’s best equipment.


AMMANN tasked Siegelwerk with the redesign of a campaign to promote AMMANN’s Lightweight Equipment product range. A campaign that could stand face-to-face with their opponents and ultimately have the stamina to remain fresh and memorable for retailers, suppliers and customers over a sustained period of time.


Round One - Fight!

The campaign concept was inspired by several factors: construction being a heavily male orientated sector and AMMANN’s desire to run their new campaign globally across all their existing markets. It became apparent that they needed a universal theme, one that could be recognised around the world. The Lightweight angle served as the perfect starting point.


Striking graphics

AMMANN wanted to promote the whole range of their lightweight equipment, to inform viewers that whatever the oppositionthrows at you, they have a product to take that challenge head-on. Siegelwerk developed a visual language for the campaignthat was simple yet bold. Four fighters, with different fighting attributes, promote the equipment and neatly categorise the equipment into four key areas: Agility, Power, Speed and Versatility.


The knockout punch

The final round of the project was to deliver a visual system, with the flexibility to be adapted easily by each global market. Siegelwerk created a series of asset templates that could be taken by any AMMANN team and used to make print ready materials quickly and consistently.


Eight, Nine, Ten ... It’s a knockout

Siegelwerk worked closely with a digital partner to build a suite of animations, bringing motion to the visual campaign elements. The final animations, based on each campaign headline, could be adapted to use on all of AMMANN’s digital platforms.