Freshly Unpacked

Under the key theme "FANUC Campus Days #1 - Freshly Unpacked" a 3-day event was designed and realised to launch newly built FANUC Academy.

The Key Visual

A square of lines is integrated into the lettering of the key visual, the shape of which corresponds to the Smart Square from the corporate design.

Derived from their 'Smart Square' corporate design element, an outlined square was integrated with the lettering to form the key visual.

FANUC robots took a leading role and welcomed the guests.

The brand's essential elements were staged in four different themed rooms.

Space 1: Creative Flow

In the Creative Flow room, an evolving 8-meter high installation, consisting of several hundred origami sculptures, was created through visitor participation. Out of three open packing crates a large 'living' flock of birds gradually emerged.

Space 2: Campus Expedition

In the Campus Expedition room, visitors could explore the FANUC site through walk-on floor graphics, architectural models and a media installation.

Space 3: Global Network

The Global Network room represented FANUC International and invited visitors on a culinary journey around the globe.

Space 4: Fusion Area

In the Fusion Area the close relationship between the German branch and its Japanese headquarters became tangible. A German and a Japanese room, each equipped with large room graphics typical of their country, were connected by virtual windows. Here, visitors could communicate interactively between "Japan" and "Germany".

Long table

Each day concluded at a long banquetting table at the centre of the academy. It spanned across all the themed rooms and showed the visitors that they were part of the big picture.