Light hearted living

The brand essence of LIAH DESIGN AG lies in our freedom to individually design our living spaces. Inside and outside are inseparably interwoven. This is how LIAH creates furniture and accessories of flexible, weightless lightness.

The brand

From name generation to the final lettering.

Using the product as the starting point, the brand wordmark is solid and stable. The centre of the mark is symbolised by a roof/arrow representing the 'place of well-being', which can be anywhere you want it. The brand's guiding principal, "You have the freedom to create a place of well-being, everywhere" is further strengthened by a "plus" which also gives the wordmark further dynamism.

The Corporate Design

A gentle colour palette, that allows for white space, is combined with Swiss design clarity.

Target group Insight

The way we live is changing. Living spaces are becoming smaller and the available space must be used flexibly, our rooms lose their original function. The flow of Life, lifestyles and the way of living ... everything is becoming more flexible and differentiated. There are endless possibilities for everyone.

Oasis. Kind of poetry. State of the art.

You don't have to travel to new places to always experience awe inspiring moments. So stop, centre yourself and find your freedom. Your place of well-being in a succinct form, a kind of haiku. There is only one “way” to live. It is a thought. A feeling …

The campaign concept of the new LIAH collection is scenographic and dreamlike. We would like to thank Kilian Bishop for his (as always) beautiful photography.


The Swiss design clarity also extended to the web design. In terms of individual customisation, customers discover through the shop functionality and configurator system, that nothing is left to be desired. Design your favourite space true to the motto "create your own". Transform individual objects into a feel-good oasis or simply configure your own one-of-a-kind custom piece. Choose the color and material and be your own designer.

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