Minimalistic and timeless pieces

The manufactory was actually created by chance. When tasked with planning a creative space, we were looking for a multifunctional table for an espresso machine. Our search did not uncover any furniture that met our requirements, so we designed it ourselves. Over a short period this initial impulse developed into a great idea, which was realised in 2018 with the founding of Siegelwerk Manufaktur. In the manufactory we create timeless, beautifully formed, multifunctional objects.

Responsive Design


Given the rather long brand name, we developed a responsive logo that adapts to different sizes and applications.

Brand Design

We developed the brand design to echo the high-quality, functional and timeless aesthetic of the furniture. The paper features an open structure with a colour core, and copper foil embossing which evokes the accessories / materials used in the furniture line. The design is puristic and straightforward.

Responsive Web Design

Timeless, accessible, and functions on all devices.

Hello SWMA

The first collection of Siegelwerk Manufaktur showcased at the IMM in Cologne in 2018. Shortly after, it was awarded GERMAN DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2019.

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