We believe in Art!

From the very beginning, the guiding principle "We believe in Art" has been reflected in the history of Rolls-Royce, it is a logical progression to continue to express this today. This principle laid the foundation for the "Rolls-Royce Art Programme" in which a personal commitment to the brand and an inspiring dialogue between Rolls-Royce and the art world was given space.

Cover concept

A particular challenge was the desire for a striking and equal representation of the artists on the cover.
To achieve this we developed a slipcase where six horizontal slots on the front allowed the presentation of each of the six motifs as an independent work of art.

Sliding the book out of the slipcase, piece by piece, reveals the view of five other works. Each artist therefore gets their own individual "stage". This design, through the 6 changes of subject, makes it possible to present all the artists equally and in a continuous arrangement on the cover.