Moving the FUSO brand forwards.

FUSO as a product is always evolving and improving, guided by their promise:


As a result of that constant development, the brand was always having to catch up with the product and was in a state of flux. As long term FUSO partners, Siegelwerk was tasked to become brand guardians and to develop a style that was not only consistent, but flexible enough to stand the test of time.


Getting back to basics

Where do you start? After a series of Brand Workshops with FUSO led by our team, we focused in on their USPs:

Manoeuvrability, Efficiency & Versatility - in the urban environment. This provides us with a lens to view the status of the brand elements and to provide structure to develop the brand's updated corporate identity. 

Graphic Design

Siegelwerk created a palette of bold, simple and versatile elements that would allow FUSO to create designs with a unique and recognizable identity.



The Payload

The process finally led to the development of a substantial brand document to provide guidance to the entire FUSO European market, including sales and promotion.


Ready To ... Tackle Anything

Siegelwerk created a suite of brand elements made accessible to any one tasked with creating a design for the FUSO brand. One of the main components of the brand element suite is the Ready To ... claim, a call-to-action that is the theme for every campaign.



Ready To Create

Since our relationship with FUSO began, we have applied our creativity, brand knowledge and attention to detail to everything that we have created for them. Here are some of the highlights.